July 2022

The Greenwall Foundation Launches New Grant Initiative: Bridging Bioethics Research & Policymaking

Photo credit: Chance Agrella

Rapid developments in healthcare, science, and technology raise exciting possibilities to advance our health and well-being, but also raise complex ethical dilemmas. Strengthening the relationship between bioethics and policy can help decision-makers navigate conflicting points of view and find the best way forward.

To bridge the gap between bioethics research findings and policymaking, The Greenwall Foundation has launched a new grant initiative, Bridging Bioethics Research & Policymaking. Through this initiative, the Foundation will fund projects that develop novel mechanisms – or seek to adapt or improve existing mechanisms – that bring bioethics to the table as policy is made.

Bridging Bioethics Research & Policymaking is the Foundation’s first major grant initiative since its Making a Difference program was established in 2013. It marks a step forward for the Foundation, implementing its recently announced strategic priorities, a goal of which is to increase bioethics’ impact on policymaking.

“The Foundation funds excellent bioethics research through our established programs. With this new initiative we are aiming to fund something different,” said Michelle Groman, JD, the Foundation’s President & CEO. “We’re curious to hear from researchers, policymakers, and others about their ideas for how to make connections between bioethics and policy.”

The new initiative will not fund bioethics research, but rather support stakeholders to take the next step and bridge the divide between research results and policymaking. 

Applications for Bridging Bioethics Research & Policymaking are due August 22, 2022 by 11:59 pm ET. Visit the Request for Proposals for more information on how to apply. Please direct questions about this initiative to Kyle Ruempler at [email protected].