Making a Difference Grants

We are currently accepting letters of intent due by June 17, 2024. Please review the request for proposals to learn more about the application process and apply.

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What are Making a Difference Grants?

The Greenwall Foundation’s bioethics grants program, Making a Difference in Real-World Bioethics Dilemmas, supports research to help resolve important emerging or unanswered bioethics problems in clinical, biomedical, or public health decision-making, policy, or practice. Our aim is to fund projects that promote the Foundation’s vision and mission through innovative bioethics research that will have a real-world, practical impact. Projects may be empirical, conceptual, or normative. Successful teams commonly involve a bioethics scholar and persons with on-the-ground experience with the bioethics dilemma, for example, in clinical care; biomedical research; biotechnology, pharmaceutical, big data, or artificial intelligence companies; or public service.

Projects with the following characteristics will not be funded under this program:

  • Projects for which bioethics is not the main focus.
  • Projects that simply describe or analyze bioethics issues or provide a conceptual framework, without making practical recommendations for resolving the issues.
  • Projects that implement or make incremental improvements in established approaches to bioethics problems, build institutional infrastructure, or provide bioethics education, training, or coursework.
  • Projects that have predetermined conclusions or advocate for predetermined positions.
  • Projects whose main goal is to convene or enhance a meeting, unless there is a well-developed plan to produce a major peer-reviewed publication with consensus recommendations, guidelines, or best practices that have a strong likelihood of real-world implementation. The applicant must have a strong record in convening similar successful impactful meetings.
  • Projects to support or extend ongoing or core activities of an organization.
  • Projects with a principal investigator who does not have a PhD, JD, MD, or an equivalent doctoral-level degree.

The Greenwall Foundation only makes awards to affiliated individuals at institutions with tax-exempt status with the United States Internal Revenue Service. In addition, an individual cannot simultaneously receive Making a Difference and Faculty Scholars Program funding from The Greenwall Foundation. Moreover, an individual cannot simultaneously be the principal investigator on open applications under consideration by the Foundation in the two programs.

Questions about the Making a Difference grants program should be directed to Kyle Ruempler at [email protected].

Request for Proposals

Learn more about the application process and apply.

Our Making a Difference Grants

Grant Type
Making a Difference
Grant Cycle
spring 2019
Grant Type
Making a Difference
Grant Cycle
fall 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is there a limit on the budget or duration of a Making a Difference grant?
  • Does the Foundation award grants to institutions outside the United States?
  • Does the Foundation award grants to individuals who are unaffiliated with an institution?
  • Can I get feedback about a potential project from the Foundation before I submit a grant application?
  • Does the Foundation award no-cost extensions? How do I apply for one?

The Greenwall Foundation is dedicated to the integrity and impartiality of the grantmaking process and wishes to dispel even perceptions of conflicts of interest. Relationships that are conflicts of interest, which require Directors and Committee members to recuse themselves from voting on grant proposals, include an affiliation with a grantee institution, a current mentoring or collaborative relationship with an applicant, or a personal relationship with an applicant. To review the Foundation's Conflict of Interest Policy with respect to grants, please click here.