May 2024

New Greenwall Foundation Webinar—Bringing Bioethics to Policymakers: Learning from Experience

How can bioethics researchers get their findings into the hands of those who shape policy? What gaps separate research and policy, and how can stakeholders navigate them? How can researchers and policymakers better communicate with and relate to each other?

On Monday, June 17, at 1:00pm ET, The Greenwall Foundation will host a webinar, Bringing Bioethics to Policymakers: Learning from Experience, to explore these questions and more as we discuss approaches to increase bioethics’ impact on policymaking.

Register here to learn from grantees of The Greenwall Foundation’s Bridging Bioethics Research and Policymaking (BBRP) initiative: Nancy Berlinger, PhD, Robert Cook-Deegan, MD, and Kirstin Matthews, PhD. Launched in 2022, the BBRP initiative supports projects that seek to bridge the divide between research results and policymaking, bringing bioethics to the table as policy is made. On this webinar, the group will discuss their BBRP projects, including their strategies for connecting with policymakers, the challenges they encountered, and lessons they learned for future work. Targeting different levels of policymaking and addressing diverse topics, these projects are:

After the panelists present their work, the webinar will shift to a moderated panel discussion, with audience questions welcomed. 

The webinar will be broadcast via Zoom and is free and open to the public. You can register here.