May 2020

Making a Difference Grantees, Spring 2020

We are pleased to announce the Spring 2020 Making a Difference awards.

Mass Administration of Antibiotics: Reaching Clinical and Community Equipoise
Anthony So, MD (Johns Hopkins University)

Mass drug administration (MDA) of antibiotics to all children in a community or population has the potential to reduce infectious diseases and reduce childhood mortality globally. However, MDA requires weighing near-term gains against longer-term risks of antibiotic resistance, which would impair treatment of serious bacterial infections; fairly distributing benefits and risks among individuals, communities, and whole societies; obtaining informed consent, and engaging the community.

A Rubric for Algorithmic Fairness for Predictive Analytics in Healthcare
David Kent, MD (Tufts Medical Center)

Predictive models, which are increasingly used in clinical medicine, raise concerns about introducing or amplifying health disparities. Different conceptions of fairness, however, may be mutually exclusive in predictive models. The investigators have shown how different fairness considerations are salient in situations involving allocation of scarce health care resources among patients compared to situations where the patient and physician make a shared clinical decision that is consistent with the patient’s values and preferences.