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Sharing Electronic Health Information with Adolescents and Parents: Evaluating the Ethical and Practical Challenges

Bryan Sisk, MD
Washington University
Grant Type Making a Difference
Grant Cycle fall 2021
Duration 24 months
Amount $246,444

The 21st Century Cures Act mandates that hospitals provide patients with access to electronic health information (EHI), including adolescents. Dr. Sisk and his team will seek to (1) identify risks, benefits, motivations, and barriers to EHI access by performing semistructured interviews with 40 adolescent/parent dyads; (2) discern implementation practices for adolescent EHI access at US pediatric hospitals; (3) facilitate a stakeholder Delphi panel to generate recommendations for EHI implementation practices. This project aims to generate empirical knowledge of ethical and practical challenges to adolescent EHI access.