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Evaluating the role of ethical, medical, and economic considerations in the suspension of in-person visits to long-term care residents during a pandemic

Jakub Hlavka, PhD
University of Southern California
Grant Type Making a Difference
Grant Cycle fall 2021
Duration 18 months
Amount $163,647

The bioethical concerns (e.g., autonomy and beneficence) implicated by public health measures in long­term care facilities during the pandemic have not been comprehensively examined. While some consequences attributed to the restrictions are measurable, others (e.g., negative physical and mental health effects on residents/families) have yet to be analyzed and some (e.g., reduced self­-agency) may not even be recognized. Dr. Hlavka and his team will develop a more robust understanding of the challenges associated with visitation restrictions in a multi­-method study to determine how better to make trade­offs affecting the most vulnerable.