Our Grants

Developing best practices for medical crowdfunding

Jeremy Snyder, PhD
Simon Fraser University
Grant Type Making a Difference
Grant Cycle spring 2017
Duration 12 months
Amount $47,688

Medical crowdfunding uses social networks to raise funds for health-related needs. This rapidly growing practice helps address gaps in insurance coverage and inadequate savings. However, bioethicists worry that it may unfairly distribute these benefits, shift attention from the systemic causes of inadequate access to health resources, and undermine privacy. Little is known about medical crowdfunding by US residents. The aim of this project is to gather and analyze data to help assess these and other ethical concerns. We will compile a summary document of what is known about medical crowdfunding by US residents, collect and analyze data from medical crowdfunding campaigns, and hold consultative meetings with medical crowdfunding organizations with the aim of establishing ethical best practices in this industry. This will be the first project to gather and analyze data on medical crowdfunding through a bioethics lens, a significant need given the increased scale and visibility of this practice.