Faculty Scholars Program

Monica Peek, MD, MPH

Class of 2018 University of Chicago
Scholar Project

Shared Decision-Making among Vulnerable Populations: The Confluence of Bioethics, Health Disparities and Medical Decision-Making

Grant Cycle: 2014-2015

African Americans and other vulnerable populations suffer disproportionately from disparities in health care and health outcomes. Dr. Peek’s project combines bioethics, medical decision-making and health disparities empirical research to improve the health of vulnerable populations. Her aims are: 1) To explore physician beliefs, attitudes and behaviors regarding race and culture, and evaluate how it affects the patient/provider relationship, particularly with regard to shared decision-making and the balance of patient autonomy and physician beneficence, 2) To explore physician beliefs, attitudes and behaviors regarding the bioethical principle of distributive justice, particularly as a means to address health disparities, and the perceived role/responsibilities of individual physicians to address racial disparities in healthcare and health outcomes within the United States, and 3) To develop theory-driven, evidence-based strategies that improve how physicians interact with racial/ethnic minorities, encourage doctors to take a shared decision-making approach with patients, and ultimately reduce health disparities.


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