Faculty Scholars Program

Danielle M. Wenner, PhD

Class of 2022
  • Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Associate Director, Center for Ethics & Policy
Carnegie Mellon University
Scholar Project

Danielle Wenner is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Associate Director of the Center for Ethics & Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. Her research is focused primarily on the ethics of research involving human subjects and the nature of relationships of power in research and other health-related interactions. Wenner’s Greenwall-funded project aims to develop an ethical framework for the setting of health research priorities, and reflects a larger theme in her work of seeking to broaden ethical analysis beyond discrete interactions to take account of relevant background conditions and structures of injustice.

In addition to her work at Carnegie Mellon, Wenner holds an affiliate position in the Center for Bioethics and Health Law at the University of Pittsburgh. She is a member of the NHLBI’s Blood and Marrow Transplantation Clinical Trials Network Data Safety and Monitoring Board and the Efficacy Trials Working Group of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network. Prior to her position at Carnegie Mellon, she completed a clinical ethics fellowship at the Cleveland clinic.

For more information, visit: http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/dwenner/index.html

The Basic Structure Model of Research Stakeholder Obligations

Grant Cycle: 2018 - 2019

Professor Wenner’s project aims to develop a new, justice-based model of research ethics. In particular, she aims to determine what obligations researchers and research sponsors have to promote so-called “social value,” what social value consists in, and how these obligations should inform health research priority-setting, the distribution of health research outputs, and our understanding of intellectual property rights to health interventions.


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