A message from Bernard Lo, President

A Long-Term Commitment to Bioethics Research

Bioethics dilemmas pose difficult challenges

Medical decisions for patients who may be near the end of life often are wrenching, particularly when patients cannot decide for themselves. Dramatic advances in biomedical research also present ethical quandaries. Scientists now can sequence a person’s entire DNA and transform skin cells into stem cells or other specialized cells, such as nerve cells or liver cells. Such discoveries offer hope for more precise diagnoses and better treatments but also raise dilemmas about how to incorporate them into clinical practice and avoid inappropriate uses

The Greenwall Foundation has decided to devote its resources to bioethics research out of a conviction that innovative bioethics scholarship can have a real-world impact to improve clinical care, biomedical research and public policy

We support ground-breaking, in-depth, balanced research on bioethics topics where thoughtful analysis can help resolve dilemmas and invigorate thoughtful public discussion

Our funding is focused primarily on the Greenwall Faculty Scholars Program, whose goal is to develop the next generation of bioethics leaders. This Program provides outstanding young bioethics researchers with support to develop their research programs, feedback on their research, mentoring from senior bioethicists, and opportunities to develop collaborations with other researchers. By building a community of leading young bioethics scholars, the Program will have a multiplier effect over Scholars’ careers. We also help Greenwall Faculty Scholars disseminate their research findings beyond peer-reviewed professional journals to a wider audience, including patients, the public, and policy makers

In 2013 we are developing a new program for bioethics grants: Making a Difference in Real-World Bioethics Dilemmas to support mentored and collaborative research to help resolve important emerging or unanswered bioethics problems in clinical care, biomedical research, public health practice, and public policy.