Fall 2016

A System for Academic Recognition of Data Generators
Barbara Bierer, MD (Brigham & Women’s Hospital)
18 months/$100,000 

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Addressing the Ethical Issues in HIV+ to HIV+ Organ Transplants
Jeremy Sugarman, MD (Johns Hopkins University)
2 years/$199,634 

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A Mutually Responsive Approach to Developing Technologies That Alter Shared Ecosystems
Kevin Esvelt, PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
2 years/$175,000 

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Challenges and Opportunities Around the Oversight of the Aging Physician
Andrew White, MD (University of Washington Foundation)
1 year/$120,000 

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Spring 2016

The Ethical Acceptability of Deception in Physician-Patient Communication
Scott Halpern, MD (University of Pennsylvania)
2 years/$115,927

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Improving Understanding of Clinical Research Studies: An Experimental Study to Compare Two Simple Informed Consent Strategies to Traditional Informed Consent in the Context of Ongoing, Real Clinical Studies
Nancy E. Kass, ScD (Johns Hopkins University)
2 years/$384,479

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Fall 2015

Autonomy in the Balance: Incorporating User Preferences for Ethical Decision-Making About Remote Monitoring Technologies in Elder Care
Clara Berridge, PhD (Brown University)
1 year/ $52,980

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Ethical Issues in Prescription Drug Access under Restricted Distribution Programs
Ameet Sarpatwari, JD, PhD (Brigham and Women’s Hospital)
1 year/ $183,393

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Healthcare Ethics Consultation (HEC) in U.S. Hospitals: Current Practices and Perspectives of HEC Practitioners and Hospital Administrators
Ellen Fox, MD (Altarum Institute)
27 months/ $306,864
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Neurotechnologies and the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions
Jonathan D. Moreno, PhD (University of Pennsylvania)
1 year/ $53,829

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Promoting Ethical Research with Stored Biospecimens as Science Evolves  
Jeffrey Peppercorn, MD (Massachusetts General Hospital)
18 months/ $165,010

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Re-Engaging Ethics: Ethical Issues in Engaged Research
Giselle Corbie-Smith, MD (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
21 months/ $269,650

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The Social Support Criterion in Transplantation: Considerations for Distributive and Procedural Justice
Keren Ladin, PhD (Tufts University)
18 months/ $136,000

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Spring 2015

Advancing the Concept of Patient Self-Management
Wylie Burke, PhD, MD (University of Washington) 
2 years/ $143,072 

CRP Certification: A Novel Approach to Accountability and Regulation Following Medical Error
Thomas H. Gallagher, MD (University of Washington) 
18 months/ $126,357 

Failure To Die In Time: Exploration of Experiences and Attitudes of Family Members of Donors Involved in Donation after Circulatory Death
Margaret Schwarze, MD (University of Wisconsin)
2 years/ $139,223 

Justice-Enhanced Economic Evaluation of New Technologies for Gambiense Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT)
Maria W. Merritt, PhD (Johns Hopkins University)
1 year/ $59,950 

Research and Recommendations on Restoration of Rights in Adult Guardianship
Erica Wood, JD (American Bar Association)
18 months/ $64,915 

The Prodromal Schizophrenia Empirical and Ethical Nexus (PSEEN): Normative Implications
Dominic A. Sisti, PhD (University of Pennsylvania)
1 year/ $55,009 

Toward a Consensus Operational Definition of Child Assent for Research
Alan Robert Tait, PhD (University of Michigan)
15 months/ $89,500 


Fall 2014

Assessing the Impact of Videos and Comics on Knowledge and Attitudes About Randomization for Research on Medical Practices
Mildred K. Cho, PhD (Stanford University)
1 year/ $199,730 

Balancing Non-maleficence and Autonomy: Establishing Ethical Risk Thresholds for Living Kidney Donors
Sanjay Kulkarni, MD (Yale University)
1 year/ $139,977 

Clinical Trial Participants' Attitudes Towars Expanded Access to Participant-Level Clinical Trial Data
Michelle M. Mello, JD, PhD (Stanford University)
18 months/ $336,531 

Latino Perspectives on Data-sharing in Psychosis Research
Barton W. Palmer, PhD (University of California, San Diego)
2 years/ $209,528 

Physician Disclosures in the Real World of Conflicting Interests and Off-Label Prescribing
Susannah Rose, PhD (Cleveland Clinic)
1 year/ $187,570 

The Normative Significance of the Optimistic Bias for Informed Consent to Clinical Research
Lynn A. Jansen, PhD (Oregon Health & Science University)
1 year/ $59,125 

Toward Policies that Accommodate the Concerns of American Americans in Resolving Disputes about the Use of Life-Sustaining Technology
Kimberly S. Johnson, MD (Duke University)
2 years/ $288,243 


Spring 2014

Consumer Responses to the Public Disclosure of Physician Payments
Genevieve Pham-Kanter, PhD (University of Colorado, Denver)
1 year/ $96,465 

Ethical Dimensions of Abortion Practice in the Context of New Laws
Anne D. Lyerly, MD (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
1 year/ $69,276 

Ethical Implications of Excluding the Mentally Ill from Medical Treatment Research
Keith Humphreys, PhD (Stanford University)
1 year/ $100,300 

Evaluating Patient Perspectives to Inform the Ethical Implementation of a Rapid Learning System for Oncology Care
Reshma Jagsi, MD, PhD (University of Michigan)
2 years/ $303,484 

Moral Conceptions of Respect and Dignity
Mary Catherine Beach, MD (Johns Hopkins University)
1 year/ $65,518 

Physician Truthfulness in Primary Care:  A Qualitative Exploration
Eric G. Campbell, PhD (Massachusetts General Hospital)
1 year/ $52,166 

Research Ethics Reconsidered in the Context of Community-Engaged Research
Sarena D. Seifer, MD (Community- Campus Partnerships for Health)
1 year/ $72,028 

Understanding the Lifecycle of the Perceived Legitimacy of Public Health Laws
Michelle M. Mello, JD, PhD (Stanford University)
1 year/ $198,029 

What do Surrogate Decision Makers Mean by Goals of Care for Seriously Ill Older Adults?
Alexia M. Torke, MD (Indiana University)
2 years/ $111,606 

When the Fetus Becomes a Patient: The Ethics of Fetal Surgery
Ryan Antiel, MD (Mayo Clinic)
1 year/ $83,285 

Fall 2013

CT Utilization in Urinary Stone Patients and the Effect of Physician Ownership
Lindsay Hampson, MD (University of California, San Francisco)
1 year/ $59,757 

Developing Ethically Sound Regulatory Strategies for Responding to Medical Injuries
Thomas H. Gallagher, MD (University of Washington)
1 year/ $59,962 

Does Comparative Effectiveness Research Promote Rationing or Rational Cancer Care?
Jeffrey Peppercorn, MD (Duke University)
1 year/ $46,780 

Ethical and Legal Obligations of Hospice Staff When Their Patients Receive Aid in Dying
David Casarett, MD (University of Pennsylvania) 
1 year/ $49,000 

Ethical, Legal, and Practical Solutions for Research Combining Electronic Medical Records and Genomic Sequence Data
Henry T. Greely, JD (Stanford University)
1 year/ $57,525 

Ethically Responsible Choice Architecture in Medical Decision Making
Jennifer S. Blumenthal-Barby, PhD (Baylor College of Medicine)
2 years/ $115,558 

The Uses and Abuses of Fear
Amy Fairchild, PhD (Columbia University)
1 year/ $59,990